Whether your business is big or small, our consulting services will definitely be helpful for your company’s development.


We pay a lot of attention to innovative development techniques that play a significant role in the progress of modern companies.


Our activity is based on up-to-date technological advancements. Discover what technology Terabit Consulting uses to stay in the top companies.

We think different, we think Innovation!

A business value is defined as a belief, mission, or philosophy that is truly meaningful to the business, and that comes only if you think out-of-the-box


COMMATE ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Platform that bridges the gap between business & software. And it helps you run your business more effectively & efficiently.

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With the power of leading technologies and patented techniques, PlantSpectrum is the
ultimate tool for running the plant more efficiently and safely thus providing more effective
business and production that can give your company a significant competitive advantage.


Billiardoo Plus is a POS software that provides a complete solution for managing Billiard, Pool & Cafe shops.
We understand the business requirements very well and most importantly we deliver what the business needs and not what we want to.



We offer web hosting solutions with state of the art datacenters that are cyber secured by designed,
 you can expect a continual network uptime - as a result of our completely unique hosting platform spanning across multiple data centers, we can safely provide you with a 99.9% network uptime warranty.


who we are

Formalized in 2017 but working in basements since 2011, with zeal to make a difference, we started with Industrial sector by introducing a unique product that caters to Tank Farms operation, it was unique and innovative and still being used in one of the world's largest oil company Aramco. 

With the success of PlantSpectrum we moved to commercial sector and created a POS system for the Billiards parlors specifically, we had made sales but the market was limited. 

With the experience gained by now, we invested our time and innovation in creating the next level of ERP which had a huge market with great commercial gains and finally hard work and dedication paid off giving birth to COMMATE ERP. 

Today COMMATE ERP is our flagship product and severing many customers worldwide.